MS Access Alternate Project

Over the past two weeks, you have studied some of the advanced features of MS Access. The exercises in this project will help you to reinforce some of the concepts learned. 

Project Description

You are the Director of IT Training at a Fortune 500 company and it’s is your responsibility to create a training manual for your employees to teach them how to use MS Access.  Using Word, you will create a training manual that teaches your company’s employees to create a new database, including creating tables, queries, forms, reports, and advanced formatting tools.  Since you don’t have MS Access, you will search for MS Access training videos online and use to complete your training manual.  Sample videos include and

Project Requirements

Your project MUST include the following:

  • Minimum 5 pages
  • References
  • Screenshots (find on the Internet)
  • Explanation of what Access is and how it’s used in your fictious corporation
  • Instructions for:
    • Creating 3 tables that are linked
    • Creating queries
    • Creating forms
    • Creating reports
    • Using advanced formatting tools

Your training manual must be creative, well organized, formatted properly, and professionally presented, including grammar items (correct spelling, etc.).  You will include a references page and all references will be in APA format