For this assessment you must complete the following written activity by explaining the following in the form of a report.

PLEASE READ THE Case Study.pdf included in my post


1. What information should be obtained to help inform sales approach and establish market needs for Kraft Foods Australia?

2. What kind of evidence is required to give you opportunity to review previous sales performance and successful approaches that have impacted the sales performance at Kraft Foods Australia?

3. Analyse information on market segmentation, actions that could be taken to identify new opportunities, sources of information to understand customer profile and customer attributes that could help sales plan at Kraft Foods Australia.

4. What actions may be required to set practical and achievable sales target for Kraft Foods Australia?

5. Discuss factors that may influence the setting of time lines for achieving sales target for Kraft Foods Australia.

6. What sales based measures can be used to monitor performance at Kraft Foods Australia?

7. Discuss whether the sales plan and organisational objectives are consistent at Kraft Foods Australia.

8. Describe approaches used by Kraft Foods Australia in order to meet its sales objective.

9. What expertise may be required during the sales planning process at Kraft Foods Australia?

10. What are the risk when developing sales plan and what contingency measures can be developed at Kraft Foods Australia?

11. Discuss the advertising and promotional activities at Kraft Foods Australia. If what provided is not enough, what do you suggest?

12. What possible intermediaries may be involved in distributing product for Kraft Foods Australia?

13. Develop a budget for the sales plan at Kraft Foods Australia.

14. What are the things that needs to be consider when presenting sales plan for approval?