The Assignment

IN YOUR OWN WORDS, fully discuss the questions below.  (IMPORTANT NOTE: THE DICTIONARY DEFINES THE TERM “DISCUSS” AS: to consider or examine by argument, comment, etc.; talk over or write about, especially to explore solutions; debate)  These are individual questions and you should not be writing an essay for this assignment.   Each question will require approximately 250 words to sufficiently answer the question. This is a major assignment for this unit and I expect well thought-out answers to the questions. Your answer should be written to provide adequate information on the subject to individuals who have no knowledge of the subject matter. 

  1. The XYZ Company had twelve employees for the first half of 2011. It signed a contract with a major retailer in June 2011 and hired an additional eight employees to handle the extra work. The contract was cancelled in January 2012, and the company laid off the eight new hires. In March 2012, an employee was fired. If the employee believed that the termination was discriminatory, could the employee have brought a case under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act?  (Hint – consider the time frame of the employment numbers carefully)
  2. In detail, compare/contrast the terms disparate impact and disparate treatment.  As an employer, HR manager, supervisor, etc. WHY is is important to understand these terms?
  3. Describe what the role of a good human resources manager should be in managing employment law issues. ​
  4. How should employers that operate in different cities and states deal with lack of uniformity in employment laws?