Choose an entrepreneur other than Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, find a video about where they discuss the beginning of their business.   Then either go to the company website and access the biographical and historical information posted on the company or find an article about the company. In 2 pages do the following.

1 . Describe the company, product or service and give a historical  synopsis of the  entrepreneurial effort.

2.  Write a short biography about the entrepreneur.

3. Discuss some of the main issues of the entrepreneurs  talk.

4. Identify the Entrepreneurial characteristics or traits of the entrepreneur (chapter 17)

5. Include the urls for the video,  the company website  and  article.

1. Post on the discussion board a 300 word description of entrepreneurial opportunity. Answer the following in your description.

Continuing with the product you choose in week 1…

4. Description of what RESOURCES you might need to do this entrepreneurial effort (Money, people, suppliers, etc…)

5. Name other firms or competitors and their product who have something similar or could do something similar. What is their pricing and distribution?


Our discussion forum these next two weeks is a continuation of our Week 1 forum.  You’ll use the same business idea that you originally chose, but in Week 3, you’ll answer questions 4 & 5 in your initial response.  Then in Week 4, you’ll post two peer responses from the Week three posts.  I would highly encourage you to participate by responding to other supplemental postings as well.

Part II

The following week, read of your peers posts pn Entrepreneurial Eyes. Then respond to AT LEASET ONE peer and post advice on the opportunities their target market, demand, and potential might encounter.  (150 word).