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Worldviews of the religious rights have changed dramatically since the time of our founding fathers. This nation was founded with God at the forefront so it is no suprise that most of our doctrines and views this country has is based on a religous belief with God guiding the way. In today’s society it has almost became unethical to even mention you have christain beliefs. We no longer seem to as a government make decisions based off the bibles guidence but instead by what is least offensive to others. We as christains are forced to hold our beliefs to ourselves while accepting that other religions are important such as the Muslim faith. One thing I love is that although this nation was founded on beliefs of those who followed and loved God they made it clear that everyone was to have their own choice. This is yet another part of our country and worldviews that is taken from biblical scripture. I hope that someday we as a nation can accept all religions. Our worldviews need to come back to those that were help by our founding fathers. Although the world has changed drastically i believe they would be dissappointed by not only how far this country has moved away from God, but how drastically we think we need to move even further. I dont believe they made a mistake when they used terms like inalienable rights given by our creator or one nation under God. Terms similar to these were place in almost every document of this countries Foundation. I believe this is because they always wanted us to remember that God needed to be remembered to keep this country looking at the correct world view that the intended the country to follow