Each Chapter has to be 1 full page each; don’t forget references and intext citations. Make sure you use the book to reference the information as well. This is a book report so most of the information should come from the book as well as additional outside references.

APA Style

This week you will be writing about chapter 3,4,5 in your text. Here are some important concepts you should include.

Chapter 3

Some points to consider in Chapter three Why Evolution is True

Evolution of the laryngeal nerve – in humans, giraffes, and its link to embryo growth

Formation of male urethra and the prostate gland and the link to evolution

Location and connection of ovary and uterus in females and evolutionary links

Chapter 4

Biogeographic evidence

Convergent evolution demonstrating 3 parts of evolution

Marsupials and the Antarctic

Glacial striations and fossil trees

Island types/ evolution story in each

Chapter 5

Adaptation by natural selection –  the process




Natural selection versus randomness

Steps of fitness

Increase in reproductive success