Open your browser and search for recent health care advertisements from similar health care services (like cancer care and treatment), facilities, or other health sector-related occupations (e.g., labor supply, productivity improvement, technology, or personnel benefit design).

Select three advertisements and deconstruct each one to evaluate the marketing strategies employed. You do not need to research the facility itself. For example, you could find three different ads for children’s health services from different organizations. You then examine each of the ads to determine what the strategy is.

Write a 525- to 700-word paper evaluating the advertisements you selected and how they are effective or ineffective in their design.

Include the following when writing your paper:

  1. Trade-offs (a description of what the customer might need to do in order to use the service. Are advance appointments necessary?)
  2. Personal cost (does the customer need to change their behavior?)
  3. Incentives (describe any type of reward or other incentive in any of the ads.)
  4. Open trade
  5. Marketing strategy(s) employed (describe whether they emphasize quality, speed, convenience, cost, etc.)
  6. Targeted demographics (try to determine who the target customer is with specifics)
  7. Value exchange (explain how the ads communicate a sense of value at least equal to the cost and effort required to buy the product or service. Is the product worth it?)
  8. “Five Cs” framework (The Five C’s can be found by Googling “Five C’s of Marketing.”)

Cite at least 3 reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).