Now, it is time for you to test your knowledge of key economic  indicators and the effects of economic measurements have on an economy.

The  purpose of this assignment is to investigate and to gauge your  understanding of key economic indicators by filling out the figure one  (1) below and to write up your findings and compare and contrast the  United States to that of China.

Country                                           United States                      China


Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  

GDP per Capita

Durable and Non-Durable Goods

Retail Sales

Housing Starts

Unemployment Rate

Inflation Rates


Median Household Average Income

Human Development Index (HDI)

Trade Deficit or Trade Surplus (In millions of dollars)

Figure 1: Compare and Contrast the United States to that of China    

Assignment should include the following:   

  • Title page
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Completed table inserted into your Word document
  • Summary of the United States and China
  • Summary must be at least 250-words or more in length
  • Conclusion to summarize your findings, and 
  • Reference page (Reference page must be at the end of your paper and on a separate page).