This assignment is worth 80 points toward your final grade. For this assignment, you must prepare a Project Charter for your Personal Project. It has to be a unique and my own project. Original. It can be a project already developed.


  • Create a Project Charter for your Personal Project
  • Your final deliverable should be either a MS WORD document or a .pdf file. 
  • Submit your document to the instructor via Canvas


The format and content of a Project Charter varies from organization to organization. Larger organizations have a PMO (Project Management Office.) Typically, the PMO dictates a standard format and content of key project deliverables, such as a Project Charter.

If you work for an organization that has a standard template for a Project Charter (or, perhaps they refer to it as a “Statement of Work”), feel free to use your organization’s format. Otherwise, please use the Project Charter template provided by your instructor.

The Project Charter should include the following sections:

  • Description and Scope
    • Background info on organization, history of the problem / business need
    • Objectives – the solution to the need, success criteria
    • Benefits of the solution
    • Scope statement – major deliverables, specific out-of-scope items. 
    • Business case – is the project worth doing? Financial justification. 
  • Approach
    • Major milestones or events schedule
    • Impact on other projects or systems
    • Critical assumptions, and constraints
    • Process for change control
  • Resources
    • Identify Sponsor, Stakeholders, Project team Roles & responsibilities
    • Other material resource needs 
  • Known risks at the outset
  • Acceptance criteria – how will we know when it’s done and accepted by the 
  • Time and cost estimates – budget