1. Alcohol, drugs, and environmental toxins can be passed from mom to baby via breastmilk.
  2. One of the first fine motor skills an infant exhibits is:
  3. These parts of the brain are associated with processing images.
  4. These parts of the brain help a person understand the relationship between his or her body and its physical location.
  5. When it is age-appropriate to begin drinking cow’s milk, children should be given skim milk in order to help prevent childhood obesity.
  6. The brain contains ________ of neurons.
  7. The best way to attain maximum brain development during infancy is to invest in expensive infant products (toys, games, videos, etc.).
  8. Children can begin drinking cow’s milk at this age:
  9. These parts of the brain are responsible for hearing and memory.
  10. Cognitive development is crucial in helping children develop confidence in the fact that his or her caregiver will eventually return.
  11. In this substage, a child is able to experiment with various behaviors in order to observe different outcomes.
  12. Bryce’s family has just one pet (a dog). Shortly after Bryce learned to say “doggy,” he visited his grandparents and called their pet cat a “doggy.” This is an example of:
  13. On average, a child may speak his or her first word at this age:
  14. Maddie is a six-month old girl. Upon which of the following items is she more likely to focus sustained attention:
  15. Piaget’s first stage of development is called:
  16. This developmental test identifies milestones normally achieved by certain ages:
  17. Piaget used this specific term to describe the mental construct we use to organize knowledge.
  18. Maximus understands many more words than he is able to express. This means his _______ vocabulary is greater than his _______ vocabulary.
  19. According to Erikson, what is the most important task for children from 0 – 18 months?
  20. Mary Ainsworth developed a model for studying attachment in very young children.  Her experiment is called:
  21. Mary Ainsworth studied infant attachment by using
  22. One of the first researchers to study attachment was:
  23. This type of study helps researchers determine to what degree heredity or environment might impact temperament.
  24. What term describes the idea that a parent might adjust his or her parenting methods to facilitate a child’s temperament.
  25. The “Rouge Test” is used to determine whether an infant has the ability to:
  26. A term used by developmentalists to describe an enduring emotional bond between one person or animal and another.
  27. A secure attachment bond between an infant and his or her parents may facilitate a later relationship with God.
  28. Scripture does not address the spiritual development of infants.
  29. Attentive parenting may lay the groundwork for a child’s spiritual development.
  30. The best way to foster learning during the 0-2 stage of life is through using: