The group of individuals with some expert abilities formed as a team called Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) & this team takes the responsibility to handle & control any sort of uncertain events, examining the problems & conveying then to the stakeholders, offering solutions to the issues of security (Bhaskar 2005).

Given below are few abilities or skills which are vital for the role of CSIRT & moreover HR teams frame the responsibilities of job depending on these skills:

Personal abilities:

It is most vital for any CSIRT team to have the personal skills as they spends there greater amount of time interacting or communicating with stakeholders or users. Therefore personal skills are essential to collect the data or information so as to solve the problems by effectively connecting with the stakeholders. The set of personal skills involve excellent presentation, written & oral abilities.

The procedures, vulnerabilities and also policies need to be clearly understood by the CSIRT team as all this might assist them in problem-solving & also in picking the correct resolution to the issue (Bhaskar 2005). 

One of the essential quality or skill that the CSIRT team requires to have is trustworthiness & sense of integrity as they mostly deal or work with confidential & sensitive information of the organization.  

Of all the skills the CSIRT team must essentially have the skills of problem-solving & additionally they up-to-date knowledge of security techniques & tools & even must have the technical skills.

CSIRT team must have the ability to work even under stress, as they are the one who have to save the organization from some difficult situations.

Additionally, the team must also comprise some essential skills like the assessment of risk & management of time.  

Services & network application knowledge, protocols & issues of network security, types of virus & knowledge impacts & the skillset of programming are some of the technical abilities that are needed for CSIRT team (Van der, Kleinhuis & Young 2017).  

Generally, it is very must difficult to find employees having all these skill-sets & usually for such roles organizations promotes employees from within their firm. In such cases Resource availability, cost impacts the decisions.