For the assignment, you will be assigned a country, and you will answer the following questions in a 3-4 page paper (double-spaced, 12 pt font). Include an introduction and a conclusion. Please follow APA guidelines (excluding title page, abstract, and running head). Include in-text citations and Reference page and cite ALL sources. Your paper will summarize your findings and include appropriate support (attach Excel tables or screenshots).

· What are the top 5 EU countries where residents of your assigned country spent nights? What are the most appealing destinations for your country’s residents?

· Of the past 4 years, which year did the residents of your assigned country spend the most outbound travel nights, and in which other EU countries did they stay?

· Across all 4 years of data, consider longitudinal outbound travel data. What were the top 5 months across all 4 years (meaning 4 years of January data, February data, etc.) in which residents of the selected country spent the most nights in other EU countries? This analysis will help you determine seasonal patterns. What would you consider to be the seasonal patterns for your outbound data?

· Were there any other curiosities and patterns that appear from the data?

· Which EU country is the ideal starting point for your hotel company to build its next hotel? What are your development recommendations for the EU for your hotel company?