• You will need to create a proposal that your instructor needs to approve regarding the topic you feel needs to be corrected in our world.
  • You will need to create a final project demonstrating how to fix the problem (This could be a video on YouTube, a presentation, a letter to a person in power, or a reflection essay)

 Worksheet 1: Sweet Idea Paper and Proposal 

Worksheet 2: Define the Problem Style.

Fill out this worksheet to help you get started on your Paper 3 Assignment.


Discussion 1: We are going to create a Sweet Idea Paper and complete a Sweet Idea Project. You see, you are going to think about how to make this world better and then convince us all to join you. Think of those Ted Talks we’ve been watching. This is your chance to write about what you think is really important. Then after you write your paper, you’ll need to do a project related to your subject matter. Always keep in mind that we want to encourage others to be kind and to care for one another.

Discussion 2: Comment on three of your peers’ posts. Feel free to ask them questions or for elaboration on something they said. The only requirement is to be kind and have a discussion (be specific and encouraging). If a teammate already has five comments, then choose a different teammate to interact with so that they feel include

Worksheet 3: Explain the Problem (Cause and Effect) with Style.

Worksheet 4: A Process and a Solution — with Style!.