Hi All,

If you wish to increase your course grade by up to 3% you may choose to view the movie “Still Alice” and write a 2-3 page paper reviewing how the movie portrayed some aspect of what you learned about Alzheimer’s disease. Details:

1) This is optional; you can choose to forego this assignment and your course grade will not be affected.

2) Submitting an above average paper will increase your course grade by 3%. An average, or a below average paper will not result in a grade increase. In the past, approximately 50% of students choosing to complete this optional assignment earned a grade increase; about 50% did not.

3) Instructions: View the movie “Still Alice.” Appreciate it for the creative and emotional work that it is. Decide on a topic you wish to address regarding the film. View the film a second time to identify the numerous relevant details you need to extract for use in your paper in supporting your conclusion(s) regarding the film’s accuracy. Do not write a summary of the film! Rather, address how well the film portrays some aspect of Alzheimer’s disease that you learned about in class. For example, you could discuss how the film portrays the three stages of Alzheimer’s disease and the three stages of Alzheimer’s dementia. Alternatively, you could address how accurately the film portrayed the diagnostic work-up for Alzheimer’s disease. Third idea: discuss how the individual members of Alice’s family chose to deal with Alzheimer’s symptoms and her personal needs. These are just three examples. There are many other topics you could address.

4) Prepare a 2-3 page paper for submission. Papers exceeding three pages in length will be returned to you unread. The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font, with any reference citations in APA format. There is no need to include a cover page, a running head, or an entirely separate References page. I will accept papers until February 17. No papers will be accepted after that date.

5) Get a Writing Center consult. It will improve your paper and increase the odds of earning a grade increase.

There is a copy of the movie in Zahnow Library. If you choose to use that copy do not check it out of the library. Rather, view it in the library and leave it there so that your classmates can access it as well.