Watch a half hour of news programming on each of the following: Fox News (national, not local affiliate), CNN, and MSNBC. Write an 800-word op-ed that you could theoretically submit to a local newspaper on ONE of the following topics: why the media serves a vital role to our democracy; how the bias of the media is hurting the U.S.; why the citizens of a democracy must stay well informed.

Functional Requirements:

  • The paper must be 800 words.
  • It must have a 12-point font and be double-spaced.
  • It must be submitted to Canvas by the deadline.
  • Please read the opinion section in different newspapers to understand the format and style of op-eds.

Resource Requirements:

  • You are required to include a works cited page that notes which programs you watched and the date and time.  
  • The works cited page does not count towards the page limit.
  • Citations in the paper (parenthetical, end/footnotes) are not required for this assignment.