PHYS 103

Report 1 Instructions


Download this document and record the results for each table. Activities 1–3 are to be performed for this exercise. All photos, data tables, and discussion must be submitted within a single 1–2-page Word document.

Submit Report 1 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 2.

Activity 1

Submit a photo of the final graph of data table given in Activity 1 labeled with your name and the date.

Activity 2

Record time at various positions below in Activity 2, Table 1 per the details in Activity 2 laboratory exercise instructions. Graph the points from Activity 2 Table 1 and draw a line of best fit and determine the slope of the line. Graph paper is included below or is available by printing from the laboratory exercise instructions. This is the speed of the car.

Submit a photo of the graph and your work to determine the speed of the car.

Speed of car _________________

After determining the velocity of the car, you may continue to Activity 3.

Activity 3

Use the steel sphere to make measurements and complete Table 3.

Submit completed table

Submit photo of setup showing inclined angle and the protractor (similar to Figure 5 in the exercise).

Submit graph of displacement vs time squared from Table 3.