Listed below and attached are the questions, reading, a link to the book and rubric for the assignment.

A comparative analysis of Lawrence Kohlberg’s morality of justice and Carol Gilligan’s morality of care.

Follow these guidelines as you complete your assignment:

  1. What is the academic background  of each theorist? 
  2. How do you assess Kohlberg’s theory of moral justice?
  3. How do you assess Gilligan’s  theory of morality of care?
  4. Which of the two theories has practical application for moral development? Provide one or two reasons to      support your position.
  5. What is the implication of these theories for teaching and learning?
  6. How do you intend to use these  theories to manage your classroom in the future?

Pay attention to the rubric as you complete your assignment. In order to avoid plagiarism, please give reference to any material you use for your work.