Overview of High Impact Practice Opportunities (HIPs) II
In this course, you will be required to attend 2 High Impact Practice Opportunities. These opportunities should support the topics and concepts we will be covering in this course. The opportunities would preferably be an event or activity that allows you a live, hands-on experience related to the topics of this course. After completing the activity or event, you will be required to write a short synopsis detailing the opportunity and how it relates to the topics within this course. You will need to submit your synopses to the Assignments area of this course. The first HIP is due no later than the midterm point and the second HIP is due before finals week begins. Please refer to the course/assignment schedule for the exact dates of the midterm and final.
Module Objectives

To allow a live, hands-on experience related to the topics of this course.

Course and Section:
Date of Event or Activity
Location of Event or Activity:
Description of High Impact Practice (HIP) Opportunity:
(Please remember your description should include 750-1000 words describing the event you attended or the activity you completed. Please be as detailed as possible. If you have any supplemental materials from the event or activity, please submit those as well. Be sure to include the relevance of your event or activity to the topic(s) of this course. Use the American Psychological Association APA 6th edition for your formatting, citations, and references.)Instructions
Please attend/complete 2 HIP opportunities and submit your short synopsis on each. If you are unable to complete an activity or attend an event, please work with your instructor to satisfy these requirements. If you are in doubt that a particular event or activity qualifies, please ask your instructor. Please use the provided Template for HIP Submissions when submitting your information.nstructions

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate and/or apply the knowledge learned on a particular topic and/or gain live experiences related to the course topics. Please attend an event or opportunity that involves a topic that we have or will have covered in this course. Following the template provided, please submit 500-750 words on your chosen HIP and the relation to the topic(s) covered in this course. Should references be needed, please use the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th for your references/citations. If you have any supplemental documents (flyers, advertisements, presentation pamphlets, notes), please submit those individually. If you are unable to attend an event or opportunity, you will need to choose a particular topic, have it approved by your instructor, complete relevant online research on your topic, and submit a synopsis.