REMARKS: Use the Attached Grading Rubric for this Assignment!!!

This assignment consists of two sections: a marketing plan (Word document) and Marketing Budget (Excel document) Note: You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment.

For the first 6 months your company is in business—to give you time to perfect your product and to learn from actual customers—you will start marketing and selling in your own community, a radius of 25 miles from where you live.

Section 1: Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy (MS Word or equivalent)
Write the 9-page marketing plan and sales strategy section of UpTown Swirl business plan in which you do the following:

Please use the template attached:

> Target Market   For section 1a page 107 (see attachment)
> Assess the Competition  For section 2a page 123 thru 125
> Marketing Share Distribution For section 2b page 131 (see attachment)
> UpTown Swirl company’s message For section 3 page 160 (see attachment)
> Identify the Marketing vehicles For section 4 page 171
Section 2: Marketing Budget (MS Excel worksheets template-see attachment
> Section 2 uses the “Business Plan Financials” MS Excel template
   (must complete the attachment)

Remarks:  The response must be detailed and answer the primary questions outlined in the grading rubric and “ALL” subpart of the primary question.  Write clearly, concisely, use proper grammar and writing mechanics. You must use APA format and cite (4) references.  Plagiarism report must be provided!!!!