In this assignment, create an outline to cover the bulleted list of elements required for your final paper and presentation. The Report Outline is a bulleted list of key points under each required section (in the order that they will be presented). These should include:

Executive Summary
Introduction (Summary & Background)
Key Societal Impacts, including these specific questions:

How will the selected technology provide benefit?
How might the selected technology produce harm?
Will the technology be “gendered”?
What might be malfunction risks?
How might the technology introduce cause and effect relationships?
What criteria will be used to evaluate the successes or failures of the technology?
What political considerations exist?
Discuss pros and cons of the new technology versus refining an existing technology.
How might one find a receptive market?
Discuss if the technology applies to science.
How will the technology impact the environment–short term and long term? Consequences?
Discuss ethical considerations.
Discuss occupations generated and potential jobs lost.


The bulleted discussion points are not in complete sentences, but include sufficiently detailed information so your instructor will have a sense of the MEAT of the report and how the argument will flow.
References should be included as referred to at the appropriate bullets. As a team, prepare an outline of your agreed-upon final project making sure to include the following:
Your final team project paper should illustrate your grasp of the concepts you have learned throughout the course. Work on the paper and presentation in your group area in Blackboard to reach the final project milestones. Your outline should be 1-2 pages in length (not including title and reference page, if necessary). It must be formatted according to APA standards (Links to an external site.) [PDF file size 131 KB], 6th edition, including title and reference pages.