As entrepreneurs we can learn a lot from other entrepreneurs you have launched both successful and not-so-successful ventures. Understanding how these individuals started their companies, the challenges they faced/overcame, the risks that were taken, and the impact they’ve made is incredibly important for shaping our perspective on entrepreneurship.

The purpose of this project is to understand, analyze, and present the REAL story about how a real-life entrepreneur launched his or her startup. The project should go beyond the superficial storyline and dig deeper into the good/bad, mundane/notable, and easy/hard elements of their entrepreneurial journey in order to help us develop meaningful insights.

How do I select an entrepreneur?

– You can select an entrepreneur that relates to your class venture
– Think about entrepreneurs that created your favorite products and companies/brands
– Do More Faster also has lots of interesting entrepreneurs
– You can also select a local entrepreneur to interview in person
– It may or may not be someone you know personally
– Our entire judging panel consists of experienced, local entrepreneurs

Written Summary
The purpose of the written summary is to introduce the entrepreneur and share their story in an interesting way that demonstrates strong insights and analytical depth. The written summary should answer question such as (but not limited to):

– What did they accomplish?
– What factors led to their success/failure?
– What motivated the entrepreneur?
– What sacrifices were made and risks taken?
– What adversities/opportunities did they encounter?

The summary should be 750-1,000 words and double-spaced.
Due Feb 6th