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 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course covers basic financial concepts, principles, and techniques used in making corporate financial planning decisions. It provides students with the tools necessary for analyzing the time value of money, financial analysis and planning, the capital budgeting process and decisions, and long-term financing, and introduces international capital markets. LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this course, you should be able to: MT217-1: Explain how financial managers use financial calculators, Microsoft Excel, and financial statements to measure the financial performance of a business entity. MT217-2: Analyze financial statement ratios used to measure the financial performance of a business entity. MT217-3: Apply the Time Value of Money (TVM) concept to business decisions. MT217-4: Use the Time Value of Money (TVM) concept to assess amortization, annuities, and perpetuities. MT217-5: Apply the costs of debt and equity to stock and bond valuation. GEL-1.3: Demonstrate college-level communication through the oral delivery of original materials in Standard English. GEL-6.05: Adapt research skills to discover and sort relevant sources to complete tasks. PC-1.1: Engage in a team setting with professional integrity and respect.  

TEXTBOOK INFORMATION Title: Corporate Finance Online Edition: 1st Author: Publisher: Pearson Book ISBN: 9781269887199 Ebook ISBN: