Option #2:  The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Evaluate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Be sure to address the following:

Provide a brief summary of the current status of the agreement.
Describe the ways TPP is a free trade agreement.
Describe the ways TPP is not a free trade agreement.
Select one member country and analyze the expected effects on that country.
Select another country that is not a member of TPP and analyze the expected effects of being left out of TPP.

Your final paper must be 8-10 pages long, not including the title and references pages. It must cite a minimum of eight peer-reviewed or professional sources, and be formatted per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.). The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find sources.
Here are links to valuable CSU-Global Library Guides to help you find appropriate sources:

International Business Guide (Links to an external site.)
Economics Research Guide