“Today many big organizations are sitting on large chunks of data, not knowing what to do with it. They invite consultants & business analysts to have a look at data and come up with insights that could help the organization run their business better. There is no clear set of instructions in such open-ended problems and it is expected of the consultant to do a lot of exploration first and formulate the problems themselves. These DVT projects fall into the bucket of such open-ended problems and a specific problem statement has not been given intentionally. It is expected of students to explore the data and come up with good insights. There is no right and wrong answer here. There should a clear logical story which should come out of their submission.”

Please find below DVT Project instructions:

Please use the following  datasets- (Car Claim Insurance.xlsx)

Grading Criteria

Insights/Findings (25%) Make sure you articulate your insights in the story caption.
Story layout (25%) The story must be logical and address a specific purpose and audience. 
Usability/Elimination of Visual Clutter (25%) 
Do ensure your story is interactive (Use of filters Parameters, Actions etc) and the overall view contains minimal clutter.
Appropriate selection of Colours, size, tool tips).
Appropriate chart / Table selection (25%) 
Your selection of charts needs to aid in cognition. 

Note: Please provide a 1-page executive summary in the doc.

Any assignment found copied/plagiarized with another person will not be accepted. 
Please ensure timely submission as a post-deadline assignment will not be accepted.