Week 5

Customers use mobile devices for a wide range of shopping and  commercial activities. Mobile devices are becoming an attractive way to  pay for products or conduct banking. Select an organization with which  you regularly do business but not one you have used in a previous  discussion. Do not repeat an example that has been posted by another  student.

Describe the benefits this organization provides through its mobile computing options.
What risks most concern you in using this app? How would you mitigate these risks?

Week 6

The executive management team of a medium-sized business wants to be  more customer focused in the marketplace. Because you oversee the CRM,  you have been assigned to support the newly-created social media  marketing plan:

What are the best steps to identify customers and the different ways they use to contact your company? Defend your answer.
Explain to the executive management team how the steps you recommended will be incorporated in the organization’s ERP.