Write a 1,500-word paper describing the Purpose, Advantages and Disadvantages of using a database system. Ensure you include all of those covered in Chapter 1 of the Pratt text. Concepts of Database Management, Pratt, P./Adamski, J., Seventh Edition, 2012

Getting more information from the same amount data
Sharing data
Balancing conflicting requirements
Controlling reduncancy
Facilitating consistency
Improving integrity
Expanding security
Increasing productivity
Providing data independence

Larger file size
Increased complexity
Greater impact of failure
More difficult recovery

You must reference and cite at least 2 sources (one of which may be the textbook, the other may be Web based). Ensure you use proper APA formatting for the submitted document, citations, and the reference list. No more than 20% of the content may be comprised of direct quotations. Exceeding this guideline will impact your grade and may result in a failing grade, depending on the extent to which the guideline is exceeded. Double check your understanding of paraphrasing versus plagiarism. The APUS library offers some excellent insight.

Title page, running header (can be shorter than title), page numbers (aligned right same level as running header), references (hanging indent), direct quotes must be in quotations (cite the source), cite the source when paraphrasing.
Typewritten in single-spaced format with a readable style and submitted inside the electronic classroom. 
Arial or Times New Roman 11 or 12-point font / styles. 
Page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inch, with reasonable accommodation being made for special situations and online submission variances.

The following rubric will be used to grade the submission:
Synthesis of Concepts
   Advantages                                  55%
   Disadvantages                              25%
Using APA style/references        10%
Writing Org/Clarity/Spelling              10%
(-1 point for each misspelled word, may exceed 10%)
Total                                                100%