You will write a review of literature detailing the importance and significance of a topic from this course. (Bilingual Education) The purpose of a review of literature is to examine an issue while considering opposing perspectives. You will defend your position on an issue and explain your rationale for your position. 

 You need to support your position with a solid foundation based on statistical evidence, research. 
 Validate your position utilizing authoritative references from peer-reviewed journals.
 Examine strengths and weaknesses of your position.
 Suggest possible solutions and courses of action related to your position.

The first will consist of 1 article. 2 pages. (importance of bilingual in elementary)
The second submission (different topic) will consist of 2 articles. 3-4 pages.  (not sure what the topic should be… programsor  something with L1 and L2)

You must choose a side on each topic. Narrow it down, do not have a broad position. Again articles must be peer reviewed. Only cite the article(s).
Please follow the outline/rubric or points will be deducted.