Summary of assignment
• Task:  You will complete the following: o Select a topic for writing assignment #4 o Research that topic in OneSearch to Locate at least seven articles from scholarly or credible trade journals on the topic to Write a synthesis of the articles. 
• Length:  1000-1400 words. 
• Format:  APA 
• Sources: At least seven sources from scholarly or credible trade journals
Examples of Topics for Writing Assignment #2, the Background Review and Synthesis, Based on the Suggested Topics Above  
In any report of this nature, some background research is necessary.  For example, consider the following strategies when collecting background research for the topics mentioned above: 
• For a report to your supervisor at work suggesting that email be used less frequently for communication and that another application be used to improve communication, some scholarly literature or articles from credible trade journals on transitioning to alternative electronic communication would be beneficial.  In addition, articles that demonstrate the problems with email communication would add to the argument. • For a report to your city council proposing a new smart traffic light system, some trade journal or scholarly literature on such systems would augment the report considerably. • For a report to the program chair of your major at UMUC, some scholarly or trade journal articles on the skills that a graduate of that major needs in the workplace would be very effective.  This information would greatly enhance the credibility of a report that suggests changes to the curriculum. • For a report to the manager of your unit at work arguing that recycling facilities in the workplace should be improved, some scholarly articles or studies on the challenges of and benefits to implementing recycling facilities in organizations would be persuasive.  Of course, there are varieties of recycling programs.  The articles you find would help define what type of recycling program you would propose. 

I have put in bold my topic of choice as we don’t have any recycling bins/dumps at my unit. Its not taken seriously and I don’t know why. I want to implement different strategies to incorporate recycling. No one recycles or is motivated so that has to change

Must have 7 sources and at least four articles come from credible scholarly or trade journals 

Will be turned in through turnitin

Will attach a sample synthesis