Research an area of Business Intelligence and Analytics of interest or is relevant in your industry. Areas can include topics identified in the textbook, such as:

Business Intelligence and Analytics
Foundations and Technologies for Decision Making
Business Reporting, Visual Analytics, and Business Performance Management
Web Analytics, Web Mining, and Social Analytics
Model-Based Decision Making
Automated Decision Systems and Expert Systems
Knowledge Management and Collaborative Systems
Big Data and Future Directions for Business
Business Analytics: Emerging Trends and Future Impacts

MILESTONE 2: Introduction, Sub-Topics, 5 Supporting References

This week you will continue to develop on Milestone 1 research paper, by adding Introduction, Sub-Topics, and 5 Supporting References.
The introduction establishes the scope, context, and significance of the research topic by summarizing an understanding and background about the topic. State the purpose of the work in the form of the research problem.

Identify several sub-topics. For example: if the topic is Web Analytics, Web Mining, or Social Analytics, a few of the sub-topics might be Search Engines, Web Crawler, or Document Indexing. Discuss how your organization utilizes Web Analytics to help improve organizational communication and productivity.
Submit a total of (8) references this week.
Format and Page Count:
APA Formatting
Submit 6 to 8 Word Document Pages (Not including title page)