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Part Three
Please continue to add the criteria below to the first 2 sections that you’ve already completed.  Please make any corrections to part I and part II in this section as well.  Remember do not just add the basic info to the outline below.  Think in more depth on the concepts we’ve been discussing in class to make your case study more complete.  Don’t leave questions unanswered, someone should be able to read your outline and have a full understanding of your patient and the disease process with questions. Disease/disorder Process and Explanation
Watch to following video when considering nutrition intervention:

General overview of disease process and how it related to nutrition specifically

Classic symptoms
Pertinent medications and side effects related to nutrition
Other medical professionals involved in care 

Assessment of Current Nutrition Status – be as specific as possible

Present Dietary Regime

24-hour recall (use and plug in 24-hour recall
Energy needs
Barriers to achieve wellness

Nutrition Intervention – be specific for your patient’s needs

Diet and Lifestyle changes recommended for disease and patient
Short and long term goals
Plan to achieve goals

Evaluation and Summary of Intervention of the patient and how the outcome of your intervention was.