Appropriate Topics:
The Research Report, select one of the following research areas:
i) 5G Networks
ii) Serverless Computing
iii) Blockchain
iv) 3D Printing
vii) Artificial Intelligence
viii) Internet of Things (IoT)
ix) Medical Technology

Literature Review
Methodology Specifics (comparative analysis)
Findings and Results
Conclusion and Future Recommendations
References – APA

Your paper is to have a title page, introduction, well defined literature review(body), findings, conclusion, and reference pages. The paper must be at least 2,500 words.
Use graphs, charts, tables or figures.
The research paper must be at least 2,500 words supported by evidence (citations from
peer-reviewed sources). Note: the research should be thorough and exhaustive.
A minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed journal citations are required.
Formatting should be double-spaced, one-inch boarders, no extra space for headings, no
extra white space, no more than two levels of heading, page numbers, front and back
matter). Extra white space use to enhance page count will negatively affect student grade.
The research paper must only include materials derived solely from peer reviewed
journals or peer reviewed conference proceedings. Newspapers, websites (URLs),
magazines, technical journals, hearsay, personal opinions, and white papers are NOT
acceptable citations.
All images, tables, figures are to be included in the appendices and IS NOT included in the 15-page requirement. This means appendices are not included in the 15 pages requirement.
A total of at least 15 full pages is required (no extra whitespace).
Formatting Details
The left-hand margin must be 1inches (4 cm.). Margins at the right, top, and bottom of the page
should be 1.0 inch. (See exception for chapter title pages below.) The Research Report text may
be left-aligned (leaving a ragged right edge) or may be both left- and right-aligned (justified).
Line Spacing
Double-spacing is required for most of the text in documents submitted during the Research
Report process.
Paragraph Spacing
The text of the document is double-spaced. There should be no extra spaces between paragraphs
in sections, however, indent the first line of each paragraphs five spaces.
Page Numbering
All pages should have page numbers in Arabic numerals in the upper right-hand corner.
Type Style
The body text, the student should use 12-point Times New Roman. Text for the cover page may
be larger but should not exceed 14-point size. Text for the chapter title text should be 14-point
size. Be consistent in the use of typefaces throughout the document. Do not use a compressed
typeface or any settings on the word processor that would decrease the spacing between letters or
words. Sans serif typefaces such as Helvetica or Arial may be used for relatively short blocks of
text such as chapter headings and captions but should be avoided in long passages of text as they
impede readability.
Title Page
Every document that is submitted must have a title page. The title page includes the exact title of
the research report, date of submission, the team name, and the name of each team member.
Chapter Title Heading, Subheadings, and Sub-Subheadings
It is required that submitted Research Report use no more than three levels of headings in the
body text. All headings should have only the first letter of each word capitalized except that nonmajor
words shorter than four letters have no capital letters.
Instructions for heading levels follow:
Level 1: Chapter Title Heading
This heading starts two inches from the top of the page, is centered on the page, and is set in 14-
point type. The first line contains the chapter number (e.g., Chapter 4). The second line is blank.
The third line displays the chapter title, is centered on the page, and is set in 14-point type.
Level 2: Subheading
Start the subheading at the left margin of the page, four spaces (i.e., two returns when the
document is set for double-spacing) down from the title, set in bold 12-point type. Double-space
(one return) to the subheading body text. Indent the first line of the body text five spaces.
Level 3: Sub-Subheading
Start the sub–subheading at the left margin of the page, double-spaced (i.e., one return when the
document is set up for double-spacing) from the subheading, set in 12-point italics. Double-space
(one return) to the sub-subheading body text. Indent the first line of the body text five space.