· Locate a research study regarding marketing to subcultures. You must use any of the following journals using the FIU Library e-journal database (Links to an external site.): Journal of Consumer Research, Consumer Culture Theory, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business, International Journal of Marketing Studies , or Research in Consumer Behavior. If you choose another journal, get my prior approval.
· Post a summary of conclusions (300 words) and citation of a research article. Remember the topic needs to be marketing to subcultures. You can use any of the following populations.
o African-Americans
o Hispanics
o Native Americans
o Asian Americans
o Asian Indian Americans
o Arab Americans
o Religious Subcultures
· In addition to the summary, explain if marketing has the responsibility or not to influence cultural values?  Use specific examples to support your position.
· Provide the full citation of the article with journal title, authors, article title, volume, date, page number, issue, and year.