Write a two page paper on the following steps that explore paid search marketing and online advertising:
1. Research and select a website you will use to complete this assignment.  It should be a website that could benefit from paid search marketing.  Research and select 2 keywords (keyword phrases, including the ‘match type’ you would specify).  Based on a particular geographic location, if you were to guess, how much might your expected CPC be for that keyword?
2. Mockup an ad copy for one of the keyword phrases using the format for an ad seen at the top of a Google search.  You may type it in the following format, and there is no special coloring or other formatting arrangement required other than justifying your ad copy:

Headine 1 – Headline 2 (usually blue in color on Google)

Ad path (ie.: www.website.com)

Description Line

Ad extensions (you may include up to 3 lines here)

3. For the website you identified in 1) above, how could you conduct re-marketing?
4. Do you recommend video marketing be used in relation to this website?  If not, why?  If yes, how can it be used?