PS2100 – Human Relations WI20 B – Section D01

PS2100 – Human Relations 

Discussion 5: The Sedona Method

Carefully study Figure 9.3 – The Sedona Method on page 198 of your textbook. Think of a situation in your life that you would like to let go of or release and practice using this method.  Remember that you may need to repeat this method several times before you feel some release.

Analyze how this method helped or didn’t help you release your unwanted emotions.

Figure 9.3 n The Sedona Method Source: 

  Hale Dwoskin, author of The Sedona Method and CEO of Sedona Training Associates (, developed a unique program for making positive changes in your life. He encourages everyone to let go of or release their unwanted emotions. A brief introduction to the process of releasing follows.

Step 1: Focus on an issue you would like to feel better about. You may be experiencing guilt or fear. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling at this moment. 

Step 2: Ask yourself one of the following questions:  
. Could I let this feeling go? 
 .Could I allow this feeling to be here? 

 .Could I welcome this feeling?

Each of these questions points you to the experience of letting go. Step 3: Ask yourself this basic question: Would I? Am I willing to let go? Step 4: Ask yourself this simpler question: When? Dwoskin suggests repeating these four steps as often as needed to feel free of a particular feeling.

Source: Hale Dwoskin, The Sedona Method (Sedona, AZ: Sedona Press, 2003), pp. 36–44.