What is intersectionality and why is intersectionality so important when thinking about LGBTQ issues? (300 words)

2.  You watched the film (A)sexual and heard various perspectives regarding people who identify as asexual. Describe your reactions to this film. How do you feel about the criticisms/backlash the asexual people in this film had to face? (300 words)
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(30%) LENGTH. Each answer should be approximately 300 words in length. For example, if your Discussion 2 assignment requires you to answer 2 discussion questions, your entry for that week should be 600 words in length total (at least 300 words for each of the 2 questions for that week)
(40%) COMPREHENSION. Demonstrate an understanding and application of the course readings and any other outside reading you may choose to use to answer the question.
(10%) REFERENCES. You MUST cite using at least 1 citation per question: • All discussion postings are expected to integrate information from at least one of the readings, class materials, and/or from an outside empirical or reputable news source. You should cite both within the text and provide a full reference at the bottom of your post.


LGBT People of Color Absent From the Media (Links to an external site.)
The New Stonewall Film and Whitewashing (Links to an external site.)
Online dating: This is What It’s Like to Log Into Grindr as a Person of Color (Links to an external site.)
Michael Sam, NFL, and Homophobia (Links to an external site.)
Caster Semenya and The IOC’s Olympics Gender Bender (Links to an external site.)
Changing Sex and Changing Teams (Links to an external site.)
Five transgender athletes that dominated the sporting world (Links to an external site.)

Full-Length Film

(A)sexual movie