There are a lot of things that I can take from this course, that will be beneficial in my future career.  In order to work in health care administration, it is important to see the financial side of things, how budgets work, and how they affect the company.  While I don’t anticipate being the one in my position that will have to prepare the budgets, this course has given me a good background on how the budgets should be handled by each department and the whole organization.  
The most critical concepts that I have learned from this course that I can apply to my current and future career is the financial management and functions. I have learned that the key function and responsibility of financial management in healthcare establishments is to control the money and taking educated risks which may perhaps assist in accomplishing the financial objective of the establishment. Because once a healthcare establishment has solid and established monetary organization strategies, they are capable of delivering effective healthcare to all their patients. Therefore, as the future healthcare administrative, it is important to understand the planning, long-term investment and financial decisions which may assist me in my current and future career as a Healthcare Administrative.