Assessment Description: 
Individual Report (60%)
Assignment Title: International Market Assessment
International marketing essentially relates to marketing operations in a new country or market. The purpose of this assignment is to assess student ability to apply the key analytical tools learned in this module to determine a suitable international market. You are to assume the role as an international marketing consultant for only one of the following brands: 
“Sainsbury’s Supermarket”, “Wilko Retail Ltd”, “TK Maxx”, “Iceland”, “Oliver Sweeney” or “Smythson”. 
The company is very much interested in the emerging economies (see table below for approved emerging markets). The CEO is consulting you to help identify a suitable international market for their business market expansion. Your task requires you to produce a formal and marketing report of 1,500 word (+/ – 10%) covering three important parts:
Step 1:  Performing country market analysis using PEST model to evaluate an attractive and suitable market from the emerging economies list provided. When evaluating a suitable market consider the level of importance and implication of PEST factors to your company’s decision making. 
Step 2: Decide and justify the most suitable market entry mode to the identified emerging market. Take into consideration the company’s capability to apply the entry mode to your identified target market.  
Step 3: Provide some recommendations to the CEO based on the detailed analysis performed by you in step 1 and 2.  
Note: your selected company must not have any international market presence in your target market. 
Key Report Areas
Key Areas


Awarding Marks

Indicative Word Count
Executive Summary

Cover Page, Table of Content.
Succinctly present an overview of the report process and   key findings. 


A page maximum for   Executive Summary

Highlights the importance of the report, the coverage and   give key business information of your selected company. Must include supporting references.


Application of PEST   Analysis 

A detailed use of PEST to evaluate and demonstrate the   suitability of one emerging economy market. Must include supporting references. 


Decide and justify   the most suitable market entry strategy

Justify the marketing entry strategy. Consider why was it   chosen and how is it appropriate for your company taking into consideration   the company’s capability, level of competitions and attractiveness of the   identified market. Must include   supporting references.


Report   Recommendations

Highlights key decisions based on the PEST/Market Entry   Strategy analyses performed. This should include key points to the company   moving forward. 


Overall   Presentation of Report 

Excellent report structure, use of sub-headings, report   pagination and format, easy to read and logical report flow. Adhered to word   count. Properly referenced, using   Harvard style.


Not Applicable



Important Notes: 
v You are allowed a maximum of 10% above 1,500 words. 
v Student should target one market from the list of emerging economies provided below. Any target country outside these markets will not be accepted. 
Argentina, Brazil, Chile,   China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia,   Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Russia,   Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and United Arab   Emirates
Source: Amadeo, K (2019), MSCI Index and What It Measures, available at Accessed on 10/09/2019.  
Additional countries that are allowed: France, Belgium, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Additional Points:
1. Include academic sources, avoid over reliance on websites and industry information where necessary. 
2. Quality, clarity and logical justification of points.  
3. Use of supporting evidence. 
4. Application of key measurement indictors where necessary. For example, economic indicators on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) monetary value.  
5. Application of industry reports or data where applicable. For example, financial data of selected company. 
6. Excellent structure and flow of report. 
7. Quality and appropriate referencing style (Harvard style format only).
8. Please use Arial font, 12-point, 1.5 line spacing. 
9. Formal and Functional (Marketing) Report Format. 
v The table of content, executive summary, tables (in-text), diagrams (in-text), referencing and appendices are not part of the word count.
v Appendices: Additional information used, but not in the main report body. For example, company revenue chart, PEST table, and developing economy data.