Chapter Ten – Real GDP and Price Level In The Long Run
10-9 Suppose that there is a sudden rise in the price level. What will happen to economywide planned 
spending on purchases of goods and services? Why? 
10-15 Explain how, if at all, each of the following events would affect equilibrium real GDP and the 
long-run equilibrium price level. 
A reduction in the quantity of money in circulation
An income tax rebate (the return of previously paid taxes) from the government to households, 
which they can apply only to purchases of goods and services
A technological improvement
A decrease in the value of the home currency in terms of the currencies of other nations
Chapter Eleven – Classical and Keynesian Analysis
11-4 Suppose that the Keynesian short-run aggregate supply curve is applicable for a nation’s economy. 
Use appropriate diagrams to assist in answering the following questions:
What are two events that can cause the nation’s real GDP to increase in the 
short run?
What are two events that can cause the nation’s real GDP to increase in the long run?
11- 7 Suppose that there is a temporary, but significant, increase in oil prices in an economy with an 
upward-sloping SRAS curve. In this case, however, suppose that policymakers wish to prevent 
equilibrium real GDP from changing in response to the oil price increase. Should they increase or 
decrease the quantity of money in circulation? Why? 
Deficits and Debt
14 -1 In 2019, government spending is $4.3 trillion, and taxes collected are $3.9 trillion. What is the 
federal government deficit in that year? 
14 -8 Suppose that the share of U.S. GDP going to domestic consumption remains constant. Initially, the 
federal government was operating with a balanced budget, but this year it has increased its spending well 
above its collections of taxes and other sources of revenues. To fund its deficit spending, the government 
has issued bonds. So far, very few foreign residents have shown any interest in purchasing the bonds.
What must happen to induce foreign residents to buy the bonds?
If foreign residents desire to purchase the bonds, what is the most important source of 
dollars to buy them?

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