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***(You choose any subject from the news but it has to be new subject or recent and also not sport)

Visit this website: and choose one source from the progressive (alternative or liberal) news source list.
Visit this website: and choose one source from the list.

One progressive (alternative or liberal) news source from the link above.
One conservative news source from the link above. 
One mainstream newspaper that you find either in print or online.   Examples would be the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, etc.
One social media news sources: Google news, Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter or another social media source of your choice. 

Once you’ve found your sources, find a story and compare and contrast how they report on the story by filling in the news sources tracking chart.  Please fill out the appropriate column/row for each source.  You can choose any story, but many students choose a story related to their research topic.  This, however, is not required.  
One of the columns in the news sources tracking chart asks you to examine bias.   For examples of biased reporting visit

You will be required to submit a works cited page with your chart, so be sure to keep track of the information you need to complete that requirement as you go along.

News Sources Evaluation Posting
Now that you’ve completed the News Sources Tracking Chart, it  is time  for you to synthesize, or pull together, your conclusions  about that coverage.

Which source was most thorough?
Which was least  reliable?
Which was least informative?
Overall, do you feel that as a global citizen you are given accurate and ample information about news events as they are occurring? Why or why not?
Focusing on the news story you followed, which type of news outlet did you glean the most information from? Why?
What specific criteria do you use to judge news sources? For instance, do you judge the quality of a news article by how well it answers the questions who, what, when, where and how, or do you have different criteria that is important to you? If so, how do the sources fulfill those criteria?
Step back and evaluate the overall quality of the information in the various outlets. How do the outlets differ in what they presented? Do any of the outlets demonstrate a certain bias? Is one of the outlets more reliable overall? If so, which one? Why?
Did you discover any of your own biases by completing this assignment? Were you surprised by what you learned? Did you discover that you might have a preference for a certain type of news even if it is not the most accurate?
Do you think you will change the way you access news? Why or why not?
 In your opinion, what  makes a solid news source and how did each outlet fulfill or not fulfill  those requirements?

1. Fill out the Chart Attached
2. DO work cited for each source
Author last name, first name “name of Article” name of Publication URL Date Accessed