Your work over the next coming weeks will lead-up to your ability to represent an enterprise security architecture solution as a diagram or diagrams with annotations. The project involves depicting a Security Architecture for one of the following businesses: 
· Financial (Bank, brokerage, Insurer, etc.) 
· Hospital/Medical Services 
· Pharmaceutical/Chemical 
· Social Media Company 
· Energy Company (Electrical Utility, Oil Company, Solar, Wind, etc.) 
· Manufacturer (Automobile, Computer, Consumer Electronics, etc.) 
There are 2 milestone deliverables for the project: 
Milestone 1: Project Abstract, Goals and Approach (Words limit: 1000) APA format
· Identify the business type you have selected for your paper.
· Provide a brief overview of the business
· Provide the goals and approach to the project

Milestone 2: Architectural diagrams and annotations (Words limit: 1500-2000) APA format

· Milestone 2 will include all materials from Milestone 1 and 
· Architectural diagrams and annotations

Text Book:   
Schoenfield, Brook S.E. – Securing Systems: Applied Security Architecture and Threat Models, CRC Press,  2014 ISBN: 978-1-4822-3397-1