Read: “The New Ways Your Boss is Spying on You” by Sarah Krouse, “Can You Really Take That Sick Day? Readers React to Office Sick-Shaming” by Chip Cutter, “‘I Lost It’: The Boss Who Banned Phones, and What Came Next” by John Simons, and “The Gun Issue Comes to the Office” by Rachel Feintzeig.
In a Word document, respond to each of the four articles, proposing at least three (3) possible solutions to each ethical dilemma mentioned in the texts.
Browse the Internet or draw from your personal experiences and then choose an ethical dilemma in a workplace you would like to address. In the same Word Document, describe the ethical dilemma you chose, the two sides of that dilemma, and the reason(s) you chose this specific dilemma (aim for some personal connections).