As we look around us, we can see how much technology places an impact  in our lives.  There are a few jobs that have already been replaced or  are starting to be replaced right before us.  One of the jobs is a  cashier at a grocery store being replaced self check out.  I know that  at times, especially with the younger generation, there is a preference  to check items out independently and avoid social interaction, rather  than go to a cashier, and therefore the rise in self checkouts make  cause the elimination of the cashier.  Another cashier role that could  be gone in the next few years, is the cashier at fast food restaurants.   There has already been a movement of self checkouts at these  establishments as well. Along with these jobs, really anything that  involves repetitive motions is up for grabs by some sort of automation  technology, because robots are cheaper , faster, and stronger than us.  “Within the next 10 years, tasks that can be learned will be automated.  The focus for most engineers at the moment is advancing the Level of  Automation (LOA) across the board to more advanced applications in  industry.”(Expert Panel, 2019)
            I think jobs that are more artistic and creative will not  be surrendered to technology.  The thing that makes us unique is that  everyone is different and therefore we will different food, and music,  and I do not believe that technology will be able to deliver a way that  will replace human creativity.
            The technological advance taking place will eliminate  some jobs, but it will also lead to new jobs. A while ago when jobs were  taken by factories, new jobs were created to man the factories. Kevin  Kelly wrote in his article, “Let the robots take the jobs, and let them  help us dream up new work that matters.”(Kelly, 2018) As technology  grows, we will think of new ideas and fill jobs that are needed to grow  with technology, which is good for social progress.
            As far as the future, I saw the flying cars and the super  contact lenses that let you zoom in to something miles away.  I see  technology from the Black Mirror TV show coming true, but again, humans  still have jobs in the future, and are constantly innovating and  progressing with the technology they create.
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