Risk Communication Program

Prepare a post, based on our reading and on your research, that discusses the following:

Why is it important to set goals for the Risk Communication Program?  
Identify and describe the  five tasks you must complete to implement the risk communication program?
Search online for an example of a Risk Communication demonstration and evaluate the video against the 5 items that are part of #2. Share the video and your thoughts. Here is an example : https://youtu.be/mmuuNL3Ra3Y (do not use this, find your own)

This post must be at least 400-450 words long and will be graded for logic, grammar, and spelling.  

Please take the time to form your thoughts and to research your statements so that we can discuss each. You must use APA format and provide proper in text citations and associated references. You do not need a cover sheet nor do you need an abstract.