Choose ONE of the following topics, and answer the questions posed:

State Laws for Recycling and Waste Management
Start here to check your state for recycling laws.

Does your state have recycling laws? If yes, what are they? If no, explain why you think it should or should not.
What do you recycle?
Could you recycle more?
What do you think of cities or states that mandate recycling? 

Plastics and Pollution
Here is a short video that explains garbage patches in the ocean.

Find 1 thing that is banned from landfills in your state. Can you find or explain why it is banned? If it is a pollutant or health hazard, then why aren’t plastics banned as well?
What do you think of cities and states that have banned plastic grocery bags?
How effective are bottle bills at reducing plastic waste? Do you turn in bottles for nickels or dimes? If not, would you, if your state had a bottle bill?
 Is there one of these ways in which you could help reduce plastics in the ocean? Explain.

* 200 words and 2 references*