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For this forum you are asked to do research and locate an article on human intelligence (any aspect). Your submission should have two major components: 1) an article summary, and 2)  your observations on what you learned from the article you selected.
The title of your posting should include the title of the article you selected to develop your HUMINT lessons learned.
As in the past, you must post your own contribution and after doing so you will have access to all the other available postings so that you can jump in and engage. As usual, the minimum number of interactive postings is two (for a total of three postings in the forum). But, as usual, I want you to exceed the minimum expectations and will post well beyond the minimum.

The article MUST come from the following source, no other source is acceptable without the professor’s permission:


To understand what HUMINT is, a definition, and to comprehend what activities are included in HUMINT operations please first read the following two documents. One is a short overview from CIA and the other from Frontline. To all of you in the Defense HUMINT business or interested in the nature of Defense HUMINT (in addition to CIA/NCS) see the last link below: