Your written paper assignment should be submitted this week.
For the paper, your assignment is to write a 3- to 5-page paper, double-spaced and with 12-point font (approximately 1,500 words), describing the status of your needs assessments efforts for your Individual Course Project. The paper should incorporate concepts discussed in the text, articles, case studies, and discussions, and it should describe the methods and processes being utilized to gather the information. The paper should include information regarding the three levels of analysis (individual, task, organization) and should also discuss any difficulties experienced in getting the data. You should also discuss your initial insights regarding the data and your thoughts about a training intervention that could be pursued as a result of these data.
See the Individual Course Project Overview page in Introduction & Resources for more details and the Grading Rubric.
This is part of your Individual Course Project, which is due in Week 7.
Remember to submit your assignment for grading when finished.