-construct a 500-word outline discussing the relevance of one aspect you found in three different religions
-create a concrete thesis stating the topic of discussion and the religions you will use to analyze this topic
-discuss how this aspect or concept functions uniquely in three different religions
-list examples from the religious texts you have read to reinforce your claims
-synthesize the importance of the relationship between the religions regarding this one aspect.


Choose one commonality you have noticed in three different religions in the units covered so far in the class. Reviewing your discussion posts about the connections you made between units might be helpful to generate ideas.
Create a thesis for the outline stating the concept you will discuss and the three religions you will use to analyze that concept.
The main points of the outline should list the different ways the concept you chose functions in each religion.  
Use specific examples from the texts you have read in the class to reinforce your ideas.
When referencing your examples, use MLA citation style.
When referencing your examples, you may either paraphrase or use direct quotations. Cue the reader in order to avoid plagiarism. If you are unsure about how to avoid plagiarism, contact your professor and/or visit the SCAD Writers’ Studio website. 
Create a concluding point in your outline for synthesizing your ideas and information.
Research what this concept means in the context of religion. State this relevance in the introduction of your essay. Cite (quote) from that source using MLA citation style.