For this assignment, you need to select a minimum of 8 sources that you plan on using for your presentation and then construct the annotations for each source. The concept of constructing a bibliography is certainly not new for most students, but you may not be as comfortable adding annotations to the bibliography entries.
After you select a source and reference it in APA format, construct the annotation for the source. The annotation is really just answering a few questions about the sources itself and once you answer these questions this part of the assignment almost creates itself. Answer the following 6 questions for each source:

Main purpose of the source
Intended audience for the source
Relevance to your topic (or explain why it was not relevant to your topic)
Author’s background and credibility
Author’s conclusions or observations
Your conclusions or observations

Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 3-5 pages (not including title page or references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
Title page
References page (minimum of 8 scholarly sources

  Bibliography has to be based on the following topic:
Influential Figure of 20th century
Hillary Clinton was the only female candidate to governance next to her husband, Bill Clinton. As evident, she was the single lady who got to rule in the 20th and 21st centuries. She wanted to make the United States powerful in the economy, not just politically (Burden, 1999). She started working 
on the economy in the earlier days, and then she stepped towards the military gains of the states. This not only worked, but it also created havoc among the nation to have come under the light of a smart lady. The government and the people at first were not willing to believe, but she gained the trust of all. She worked on the affordable care act for the children and helped them dearly. She 
stood up for women’s rights under the violence against women act. Meaning, she stood up for all acts and rights and made sure that they are implemented. As far as being a US senator is concerned, she stood between the war of Russia and the US and made them sign a treaty. She promoted peace, 
harmony, culture. She was the first lady who stood for the Copenhagen Climate change Accord. All of this not only helped in helping the children, with their lives, education, etc. it helped the country  with  better  people,  better  economy,  better  military  respondents,  peace,  and  harmonious culture. She is greatly loved and supported by 74% of the world’s stats. She has 487.2K followers 
just on Facebook (Ataç, 2019) .
Although things are quite positive, there are a few people who won’t agree with this. This is mostly because people have different opinions and mindsets, depending on their different personalities. Thus, there are always critiques and opposers available. Due to Hillary Clinton’s majority deeds 
that were good in their own way, she managed to accomplish the support of the majority just by being a senator or an assistant to the president himself. She managed to play a great role in the economy of the United States.  Even though in previous elections, she lost from Donald Trump, but she is still an influential politician more than him (Elyat, 2019).