Considering Tradeoffs You Make Every Day Let’s talk about two tradeoffs we face every day: how we spend our time and money.  We can spend our income, or save it for investing. We can spend time working to earn an income, or we do other […]

Powerpoint Presentation

After learning about several ways in which our everyday actions impact climate change, choose one action to conduct more research on and create a PowerPoint presentation to tell us more! Use the unit material and reliable online resources to gather more information.  There are several […]

Complex Negotiation Activity

In the past weeks, the discussion question has asked you to reflect on your negotiation history and engage the forum with an example from your past. This week, you are asked to engage in a new negotiation event and utilize your growing skill set. In […]

Benchmark – Connecting the Community Through Technology

  When seeking a child care facility to which to entrust their children, families do extensive research to find a location that works best for them. Parents can use the handbook of a child care facility to learn about the procedures and expectations of the […]


  Parents have numerous decisions to make when raising a child. As an early childhood educator, you may encounter families who have views that are different from your own. Select a topic of choice for parents and discuss the positives and negatives of that choice. […]


Course Project Task 2 Using the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis you did in Week 3, select an area of improvement in the healthcare setting. You will do an RCA for this area this week. Tasks: Visit the following link: Determine-root-cause-5-whys   Read […]


  I’d like for us to use our sociological imagination. C. Wright Mills (a famous sociologist) described the sociological imagination as: “the vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society”. Choose one social problem (such as: abortion, bullying, alcoholism, date rape, […]

capstone HRM week 5

 Select one of the following case studies (located in your textbook): Then complete the following:  Add your opinion about the choices and decisions being made—if this was your company would you make this choice?  What would you do differently?    CASE 8-1 NOT SPILLING THE […]

Short Case Study Analysis

I have attached the case study for which this assignment needs to be completed.  Please see below for the ALL the requirements and details. Due date:  Monday, Feb. 10, 2020 at 9:00 am EST Format Requirements: APA format  All references need to be cited (even […]