Week 1 – Assignment 1
CITI Social Behavioral Educational Research Training and Certificate
Certification in human subjects protection is required for anyone who wishes to work on research studies at an institution with an Institutional Review Board. This includes any institution or organization which receives federal funding. The Social Behavioral Educational Research Investigators (SBER) Basic Course from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (Links to an external site.) (CITI) will teach you how to apply ethical principles to psychological research involving human subjects according to professional and legal standards. The CITI program estimates this training course will take approximately three to six hours to complete. Upon completion of each module of the training, you will be assessed on your knowledge. You must successfully complete each assessment in order to receive your certificate from CITI. This will not only be uploaded to satisfy the requirements for this assignment, but will also be an important professional component for your future career. After successful completion of the training and receipt of your certificate as a PDF, you must upload the PDF of the certificate as your submission for this assignment.
After submitting the certificate to this assignment, go to Pathbrite  (Links to an external site.)and upload your certificate to your professional portfolio.